Local Travel Info.

Bermuda Bus

Local Bus

Bermuda’s pink and blue buses are owned and operated by the Department of Public Transportation. There are 11 different bus routes to get you around the island as conveniently as possible.


Bermuda Sea Express Ferry

Ferry Info.

Traveling by ferry in Bermuda is an excellent way to get around. The new fast ferries are clean, spacious, air-conditioned and efficient. One of the highlights of traveling by ferry is the opportunity to see Bermuda’s beauty from a different vantage point.

The main ferry terminal is located at Albuoy’s Point in Hamilton.

For further information please call Hamilton Terminal 295-4506.


Bermuda Taxi

Bermuda Taxis

There are around 600 taxis here in Bermuda. All the taxis must be clearly marked, be insured and is regulated by the government. Taxis aren’t cheap in Bermuda but convenient. For airport transfers, taxi is one of the best options. All taxis are metered. There are two types of taxis – 4 passenger and 7 passenger with different fare rates.